Infographic: January 2015 Market Update for West Highland



West Highland - Denver, real estate infographic


December 2014 compared to December 2013 was basically a mirror image of each other. There were 20 sold transactions in December 2013 and the exact same 20 sold transactions in December 2014. The total sold volume was pretty identical as well with December 2013 being slightly higher with a sold volume of $8,237,502 compared to December 2014 with $8,053,785. That is interesting….. the transaction count and volume essentially identical year over year for December. Tight inventory and high demand is continuing to drive the market. If a property is priced right and checks all of the boxes for today’s buyer it is likely that it will be a competitive situation and sellers will be in the driver seat.

If you are have been thinking about exploring the advantages of upgrading or selling in this market- the conditions may be perfect!